Do you like speedruns? Do you follow any organizations other than AGDQ (or maybe a specific speedrunner)? What's your favorite game or type of game to see a speedrun of?

Personally I haven't gotten to watch AGDQ (SGDQ and I think there is another child event as well) live, but this year will be different! I always catch the videos on youtube, but I had never known when they actually hold the events. I love to watch new and old games. When I was a child and I played the NES a bit I couldn't beat like hardly any of the games haha, but it's so awesome to see the finesse at which they execute everything. I even enjoy the more indie games like super meat boy and hotline miami.

I like speedruns. It's something that kind of naturally happens when I play enough games. I remember speedrunning super mario world, that was the first game I felt familiar enough with to blast through it like that.
I like watching the guys who do speedruns for some games. Sometimes the speedruns are no fun to watch because they are exploit based. I prefer to watch people getting through super rough sections of games that I can't beat.
Also whats with the shoddy pre-run editing of AGDQ? There always seems to be a long setup clip left in.

I haven't attempted to speedrun a game yet, but they're just so fun to watch (hell sometimes I just listen to them in the background when I'm doing stuff haha). I do understand how you feel about the glitched runs, but sometimes I enjoy watching those too just to see how "broken" they've made the game with different stuff they find; you gotta think they spend SO MUCH TIME discovering that kind of stuff and perfecting it. I hardly notice the pre-run editing as I usually just skip to where they're introducing themselves or when the run actually starts, but I think it's some kind of "legitimacy" thing to show they're not using anything that would be considered "cheating" in the speedrun community.

What games do you play? Lets find one you can start to break down.

Oh I don't play a large variety of games anymore really. oddly enough a lot of games I play (recently) are indie such as magicka 2, 7 days to die, don't starve together. I did buy battlefront and loved it, but I enjoy games a lot more when I have friends to play with. I have to say though, with as much as people love to bash on the Final Fantasy series I am really looking forward to FF15 :O. I have played and beat most of them, but I didn't play 13-2 or 14 (the online thing). I wasn't a big fan of 13 style, but they're bringing back the FF12 feel with some extra quirks.


I love the dark souls/ demon souls series as well and I need to hook up my 360 and play DS 2 still. I'm just so fascinated with the "hidden" story in the game. May I'm just blinded by how impossibly hard the games can bee that I don't really notice the story being thrown in my face, but I enjoy watching the lore videos some people make on youtube.

I personally like the glitch runs, seeing people ripping a game apart and find ways to get around things is really cool to me :D

pokemon speed runs. did many for pokemmo alt runs to get one time items.

I speed-ran Ratchet And Clank (the first one) in just a minute or two over an hour...though...I don't think it counts, because it was New Game +11, so I basically had all the equipment unlocked and upgraded. So, it's hardly an achievement when compared to some of these guys at AGDQ/SGDQ, but in my mind, it's a record I'll always be proud of.