Speedfan Help

All my temps are good,, except for that on in red... what the heck is it? cuz i can't identify it..as u can see it's not the GPU or processor cores, but still makes me feel bad...

could be the northbridge

Maybe a HDD or optical drive, or as stated above, a NB. nothing to concern yourself with, 64C isn't the worst.

Try checking the airflow in your case, clear any dust in your case and keep overall temp of the room low unless your watercooled.

First off. Speedfan never shows accurate temps. At. All.
I see you use intel, get Realtemp for accurate'ness. (if you can handle the truth haha)

second, speedfan just likes to put flames next to a temp even if its not hot.


it's most likely just a random sensor somewhere on the motherboard (or Northbridge), or a harddrive (less likely unless youre running it 100%)

Only thing I ever ever use speedfan for is to adjust fan speeds on some 3pin fans and rad fan... : 3

thanx for all the replies guys... and Green, i hate SF as much as you do...but i had to install it cuz Rainmeter works only with SF... O.o ... I have realtemp, and err it displays the same results as in SF... idk. So as u all say, i have nothing to worry about... :) so im like 70/30 happy/sad ... lol :D and if anyone knows any Rainmeter skin that works with Realtemp,,i'd be more than happy to install it... :)


do you REALLY need that kind of info on your desktop?

yeah!!! oh well,, what can i say.. im nerdy! :D:D

I'm also a huge nerd, but I never need that kind of information unless im benchmarking or overclocking, but then I use 2. monitor and have the necesarry software open : b

Pretty hot system....when was the last time you cleaned it out? I found that pre-cleaning (hadn't cleaned for like 6 months), my CPU temps were on idle around 45C, after cleaning they dropped by 25C to 20C on idle.

What the freak is your room temperature if you get 20c on AIR?

My ambient temps range from 25-31C, so i really cant expect 20's... :( and one of the probs with an H50 is that it's idle temps are bad, but load temps are pretty good... i get 35-45 (depends on the day) at idle and got 81 after a 24 hour Prime95 test... that is more then enough for me,, seeing my uber room temp... and i clean like once a month... anybody know of a software which reports temps and has proper naming of the components?

@ Greenmeter XD, if you watch closely, only that bars are the extra things...other things are pretty useful to me. Dont say u dont need a calendar everyday, unless ur some lazy bastard... just like me. :D

But the nerd in me screams for those bars... XD

Haha, I got calendar on phone and by clicking the clock in windows 7 : 3

But but its not NERDY!!! hahaha XDXD

I dunno, depends what day it is, if it's a hot summers day then it's hot...I have the Antec 900 and the airflow seems to be insane. Oh, I might add, I get that on the stock intel cooler too, even more shock? ;p

What is those things on ur desktop cus i want some.

What is those things on ur desktop cus i want some.

That, my friend, is called Rainmeter :D


now forget about the once beautiful Win7 desktop... XD