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Speech to Text (dictation) software for Linux and/or Android

Anyone know of, or has used and would recommend, a good Speech to Text (dictation) software for Linux and/or Android?

Would like it to be free, as I am poor, but if there is something that really works well it doesn’t matter.

for linux on the CLI I have had great experiences with fenrir. for GUI the go to is to use Gnome and Orca.

Another option for CLI is espeak, it’s a bit more standardized but has less options than fenrir

Festival and eSpeak are what I’ve used in the past. I find that Festival is a bit more friendly in terms of syntax and interaction.

The problem is that nearly all of the voice fonts for TTS on Linux suck. The MBROLA voice fonts aren’t libre, but are fairly commonly used in conjunction with Festival and eSpeak.

I have not yet tested Mimic 2’s voice generation, but the audio samples they provide seem decent. Being able to train voices with ML seems awesome.

How code savvy are you? is one option.

Would a recording/transcribing app on Android work?

I recently downloaded Otter for interviews for a project and it seems to have done a decent job transcribing the interview even though we weren’t in a quiet room. It’s free, with the caveat that it only allows 600 minutes per month of recording/transcribing for the free tier.

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Thanks for the suggestions @jdfthetech and, however those are text to speech not speech to text. @k3g I’m not really sure what that would do so lol (I’m sure it could help me build my own but I’m not literate or motivated enough)

@w.meri that does look intresting, pity about the limit.

I guess to be clear I am look for a dictation software that will let me take notes in say libreoffice or the like on both my phone and computer. Sorry for the confusion

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Android as built in speech to text, but it is not always accurate. For example, whenever I say “patient” google likes to translate it as “Haitian”.