Specting out a NAS

I have been thinking of building a proper home server/nas to replace one of my IBM X3550 M3 1U servers from that role. My intention was to try to save quite bit of power over the long term.
I was thinking something along the lines of a nuc-like device, but with those the problem is that you can only fit a single 2,5" HDD/SSD device in them. On top of a M.2 drive.

My intention is to run truenas scale, with a jellyfin and nextcloud instance. So some power required.

I also came accross these ITX motherboards with embedded laptop CPU’s. The problem? Most of them are gemini lake celerons with embedded heatsinks. I am not sure if they are powerful enough for my use case. Ram is cheap, so that isn’t going to be a issue. Looking at this SKU mostly(
But I am not sure If I can make that make it. With only 4 sata ports. And I was thinking of installing 2x 4tb ironwolf 3,5" drives. And I already have an existing ATX PSU. And buying a node 304 case for the NAS.

I currently have the J4205-ITX running Freenas with a 60GB SSD OS drive and three 3TB NAS drives. It used to run a couple VMs, one of which was pfsense with a 1x dual 1GB intel Nic. All this resides in the iStarUSA S-35-3DE1BK case and I never had any issues with temp etc. I found it surprisingly capable for my uses at the time but expansion is of course limited. I am building a system with the ASrock X470d4u to replace it where it will then be used as a physical pfsense box instead.

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Hmm, I kept looking
Looks like I can get ryzen 5 3600 w/o the box heatsink for 90e
And a TUF B550-plus ATX board (outlet) for 130e and 99e for 32gb of RAM.

Yeah, bit of an overkill. But if I have spare resources, I can add different services on top of this server.

I already have an existing case+PSU and a couple of options for AM4 heatsinks.