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Currently I have found myself running workloads I never foresaw myself running on my laptop. I thought Id just be wordprocessing for uni and running a few python scripts here and there, nothing major. So I picked the 2018 MBA about 12 months ago and had really been loving the tri-boot life.

However, I also find myself 12 months later running AGI STK, a Satellite simulation program, attempting to simulate the orbits of thousands of satellites in constellations whilst the computer S C R E A M S. This is not ideal.

So my question is this, as STK is built on OpenGL and apparently runs best on NVIDIA gpus according to them, and is also windows exclusive, what laptop on the market today actually suits this program?

At the moment I have it down to three options:

  • The new 16 inch MBP, base model. @ AUD$3,400
    This one is cause I really do love the tri boot life and the flexibility it brings, especially as I run an iPhone (sorry).

  • MSI Prestige 15 15.6" Content Creator Laptop @ AUD$2699
    This looks ok?? Not too much “gamer” faff, just decent productivity by my looks?

(insert w.)jbhifi.com.au/products/msi-prestige-15-15-6-content-creator-laptop-gtx1650

  • Asus UX481FL Zenbook Duo @ AUD$2299
    This is more or less a joke, but the specs don’t look terrible, the dGPU ain’t as good but it is also NVIDIA so perhaps that’ll make up for it over the RX5300 in the MBP?

(insert w.)jbhifi.com.au/products/asus-ux481fl-zenbook-duo-14-full-hd-laptop-i7

TL;DR What laptop should I buy to run AGI STK11 at a usable speed with more than 10,000 satellites?

Well if you like your current setup with an mba, get the new mbp and sell your old laptop. Personally I’d look at sobething like a gigabyte brix. For one they’re cheap, two, small, three, will be able to rin whatever. You can even get mini pc’s with full blown 1080’s (or was it 1070’s?) in them.

IDK I’d be looking at desktops for this, and theres bore than etough out there with desktop cpu’s in them that would fit the bill here.

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