Special computing needs for recording?

so i was tlaking with a friend of mine the other day about the PC im going to help my GF build (a very slightly modified version of the $350 build in the video) and he mentioned that he was going to spend $500 to build a desktop to use to record gaming sessions from his $1000 laptop using a capture card. well i dont know very much about recording gaming but i would think that his 1 year old $1000 Laptop would be able to handle recording guild wars 2 gameplay. and even if it couldent (according to him his framerate plummets) for around $500 it would seem that he shoudl be able to build a rig that can play GW2 and record using FRAPs without too much of a dip in framerate. maybe im wrong and have no clue what im talking about i truthfully have no idea. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated

If he's gunna buy a $500 build he should spend the money he saves on a captcher card and buy Dxtory + a better graphics card or CPU or RAM or something.


The $500 build will probably be a heap better than the laptop.

he already owns the laptop he bought it a year ago. thats why i think hes stupid for wanting to spend $500 on a desktop for recording ONLY not playing games just recording them (according to him its running on the onboard graphics from an I7)

Basically, he could either just build a cheapish rig for 500 dollars that would do the job just fine with fraps or he could just buy a cap card. Both are decent options, in my view. Cap card is cheaper but it's just a cap card. PC costs more but it also has the added functionality of being, well, a computer.

wait how would a cap card help him? i always thought a cap card plugged into one item and recorded onto another (like say from a PS3 to a computer) is there a way to use one with only one computer that will not cause a framrate drop? im asking because hes getting a cap card either way (he wants to record from his 360)