Spec Ops: The Line for PC

I was wondering if anyone wanted to play this in cooperative play today? I already had this on pc but it can be picked up as part of a 3 game deal with Green Man Gaming and somehow through PLAYFIRE you can supposedly get the dollar back you spent on the deal. I unfortunately haven't been able to do so due to the way PLAYFIRE and Steam make things difficult when dealing with accounts and assigning new emails to them and so on. Anyway message me on Steam if you want to play. I am SDINO.

I got Spec Ops: The Line on my PC and I am willing to play (it will be my first time) . Time zone and what time are you available this week? I got some studying to do but otherwise will play.

This you?

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Yes this is me and I got pwned big time today finishing with an 0/10 K/D score in my last MPer game. LOL! As for cooperative play I got a little taste of it but not much and I think it was because we didn't get anywhere far fast. In regards to when I play I am in the EST zone and as for my hours well they can be all over the place. Just message me on this account or DeViLzzz and you will find me. I also will check in here from time to time. Eh I added some people to my list today for this game. Were you one of them?

No but I'll send you a steam request now. Steam user is the same as my name.

Just sent request. I live in the EST as well. I will be at school all day Wednesday but thursday I got time till 5pm. Friday-Sunday I am totally free.

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