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Speakers VS Headphones in silent room for enjoyment listening


Just make sure you get to listen to whatever you buy though a proper dac so the cans are the weakest link, even if they are damn good ones. Any musicians store near you? They usually have a fine selection of cans so you can hear some you may not have known about but like even better than the ones you were eye balling. Headphones are one of the few audio tools I wont buy used because...yuck.



I would go for speakers. I don't know what system I would buy but I would probably build my own.

I am a jazz enthusiast, so I would make my "room" sound like a jazz bar :3

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Personally I can not put up listening to headphones all day (especially when it is hot), and I heard this from many.Speakers and dacs and amps and cables and stuff all cost an arm and a leg. Still I used Polk audio R20 for many years with a second hand onkyo receiver, and loved it, your $500 set up would be much much better.
speaking of jbl, a restored JBL Paragon ...

I wish I could hear it in real life too....



That's the idea :)



I remember Steve Albini ranting about those things in a music mag that I read a while back. Yamahas seem to be great for revealing that hidden harshness in a mix.



God that sounds amazing...



I would be more than happy to tell them that.

I would just cart in some audio note Es and ask them why they sound good.

Then I would watch the chaos ensue.



You would like this more.

A lot of the JBL stuff is kind of peaky. Horns are much smoother sounding.

Quad ESL57s are also really nice.

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That's extravagant but it is exactly the kind of thing I would pay movie ticket prices to go and listen to something of my choosing on for a session.

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You should hear those bad boys behind the paragon (REY AUDIO RM-7V)

Also, yay for Eliane Elias.

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Pics or it didn't happen.


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