Speakers for desktop

The above will link you to the speakers I was considering buying. Does any one have a good recommendation for desktop speakers for media/gaming that are both affordable and only require the age old 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in? I want price over quality. I don't have 400 dollars to spend on speakers. Of course bang for the buck is nice.

For ~$60 I'd say a Lepai 2020 and Dayton Audio B652 would be a good setup. The B652s are pretty much as good as you're going to get sub-$100, and the Lepai is good enough.

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I personally do not consider anything under 5.1. 2.1 tends to disappoint and lack mids. Depends on your end goal ? I am a cheapskate but find this to be satisfactory for gaming and general pc use. The flexibility of having bluetooth and optical and usb is pretty nice for the cheap price point.

My personal version of these is less tacky and sports a microsd card slots with is handy from time to time.

Most of this is some kind of weird chinese oem thing. Basically find the same thing under different brands. If you are looking for a audiophile experience these are not it. They do decent enough job within context. recomment the 800watts or higher version, tho.

Looks like a good deal. Perhaps I can find something that is an all in one with just two speakers.

I appreciate the input but I want two speakers that are going behind or on the sides of a television.

I ended up going with these: Logitech Speakers Z200

Really they are a replacement for the tiny speakers in my television, so I believe they will replicate, if not exceed, that sound quality. Also, at this price if I end up getting something better in the future to replace them it just isn't a big deal.