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SPDY Protocol error accessing Level1techs


Does anyone else get spdy protocol errors when trying to access level1techs landing page or videos, or is it just me?


Not on my end, although it loads a bit slowly (except the forum).

I’ll drop this link here:


Ya the forum always works it’s the rest of the website that does this from time to time.


What version of chrome are you running? Can you test in opera or Firefox and see if you gen the same


I get this all the time:


The site has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

Looks to me like it’s Firefox’ equivalent of the problem you are describing. It’s not an issue with level1techs, but with discourse (the forum software used by l1t). I get that error from every discourse forum I visit, but have never seen it anywhere else.


I know I’m running the latest version of chrome but I can’t replicate it because it’s stopped happening.
It will probably start happening in either 2 weeks or 4.


I’m not sure it’s a problem with the forum cuz I have never had it come up on the forum. It only happens on the landing page and videos page.

Maybe I should clarify, I don’t get an error just nothing happens. If I go into chromes inspector only the main page and it errors out with the spdy error.


The entire page fails to load for me, so looks like it’s a different error after all.


I managed to replicate the issue.
This is what I meant where it can’t load a single element of the webpage and fails on the error. Meanwhile the page to the right is just blank no warning or error from chrome.

I don’t know much about the SPDY protocol. I only know that it was a idea a google team had but it was canned due to security flaws.