Spare Humble Bundle Keys giveaway - poorfags only

Well I think you'll need steam to activate the keys

my rules:

- Don't be a rich scumbag (not implying rich people are scumbags, but please don't take away this opportunity for the poorfags)

- Pick one or two games from my list,

the one you want the most should be your nr 1. 

(even if I send you one it's not guaranteed to work since I might be forgetful, it could be that I've given it to someone before)

- First come first serve, yeah sorry.  

My List:::


EDIT All have been given away now to the people below




Cave Story +

Thomas Was Alone


the Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC

FTL (I can't guarantee this one works since it's old)

Natural Selection 2

Garry's Mod


/> Tread

Natural Selection 2 sounds fun ;) Could I please have it? And you are one of the nicest people on the forum for doing this!

message with link sent


It's very nice of you giving members of TS the opportunity to grab a couple of games' codes. Keep that spirit.

I'd love FTL or Thomas was alone those are games i've wanted to play for a long time :D 

Also, Thanks for doing a giveaway!

I'll take the binding is isaac with the DLC


Id love to receive FEZ. Looks like a cool game. Thanks for the giveaway man!

Garry's Mod and Limbo.

Very nice of you to do this! Thanks!

Binding of Issac for my first choice

Cave story as my second choice

I entered 2 choices in case one was already taken. Also, thank you for being nice enough to give away the games for free :)

Monaco please! or FTL.

Binding of Isaac would be nice. Natural Selection a nice second. And most likely I'll get neither of those. And since I'm not really interested in any of the other games, I'll let someone get them who really wants them.

FTL should be nice :D. I swear I'll delete my pirated version. 

I've been playing it since TotalBIscuit made the video <3

Thomas Was Alone pls

still some left guys

Got FTL! Works Flawlessly. Thank you! 

Ill take reus if you can spare it :) Thanks

i'll that garrys mod if you still have it