Spacex and dreaming big

Watching the latest video and props to the the team and leader of spacex. He not planning to meddle in elections or steal someones oil.

He is dreaming of a better world and exploring.

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I like the idea of leaving the planet. Would certainly be more peaceful far away from earth.
But cramming 120 people into a tube and igniting one end does sound more like the opening scene to a horror movie than anything else.
Another problem: I am not sure if just leaving is a good option, maybe we should fix the planet first?

I can only imagine the headline for the meeting:
“Fuck y´all, I am out!”

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True that.

My main concern is how we’re going to quickly mess up the next planet for quick financial gain. That’s the one thing that we as a species need to change about ourselves.

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This is the best part though - go anywhere on Earth in under 40 mins

I would be so bold as to say go for it. Mess up the next planet, and then the one after that. If that is what it takes to get us off planet, so be it.

How do we fix all these little colonies on earth all hell bent on making armies to kill each other … Go make one colony on another plant.

I will be disappointed if there are USA, Australia, Russia and North Korea on Mars making armies on mars to defend from each other. One colony from people all over the world together.

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I dont remember who I was watching recently that said the moon and Mars are not plan B for when we mess things up on Earth. There is no plan B.

I tend to agree. Space exploration is becoming ever more important, but it is not a substitute for not messing this planet up.

SpaceX is doing great things. Im looking forward to witnessing their future endevours.

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We already came to the conclusion that putting people on top of tons of highly flammable fuel is not a good way to travel on this planet decades ago.

A nice PR move to avert attention from the Tesla model 3 production fiasco though.


Putting people in planes with wings was risky back in the day as well… Talking flying machines :slight_smile:

Too soon for rockets I get…only time will tell.

Inter-Continental Ballistic People?
Seems to be a bit of an effort to fund the projects. Good on them if it works, I am sure some people would absolutely need to be somewhere else in the world in half an hour.

It is really hard for most people to break through the wall of common culture driven ideology. We often see things through a pinhole rather than using context to expand the possible outcomes for new capabilities we gain as a race/species.

  1. A.I. - It will destroy us.

  2. We will always be at war with each other.

  3. Monetary economics is the optimal way for society to function on a whole.

I could probably keep going but I will get to the point: As we ease the need to hoard what is available here on Earth, society should begin to protect more fundamental social practices in order to better adapt to an EASIER life for everyone.

A.I. coupled with the freedom of mobility can be “asked” to explore, and mine in, the vacuum of space for us. The universe really does not like us much once we leave this atmosphere.

Energy is the one resource that will need to be conquered at home. A.I. might also aid us in doing so. Distancing our systems from using short-life finite fuels would be the goal.

Making food and clean water available world wide would also be another goal that should be done by now. This will be a no-brainer.

Steps such as these will lessen the need for governments to fight wars. It may be hard for some of us in today’s world to imagine, but think 200-300 years from now. Our tech will dictate the nature of cultural intelligence. Freedom to share information will only add to a better world and we might be in the first true golden age of information, world-wide golden age… almost.

There are only a tiny percentage of groups/individuals that control current detrimental societal circumstances. Most of us are in fact bystanders, watching it happen. That is not necessarily a bad thing, if you can see the truth of things jumping from case to case. So even the most deplorable of internet presenters means absolutely dick in the direction this world will take. Brainwashing is no joke, but ultimately a non factor. It matters to us now as we are affected by the stupidest parrots among us. Lies are harder and harder to convince people of as intelligence becomes more and more available globally.

I see a lot of bad, but I see a whole lot of good as well. We might fuck up this place… but we have no way out so don’t go believing a colony on Mars will save us from anything. Mars will be hellish compared to Earth.

Anyways, just talking out my butt. It is nice to see more and more people looking outward.

Side note: It took me eight months before I realized what Musk meant when he stated we are in a probable “simulation”. I was ready to give “the programmer” a piece of my mind. :grin:

Side note #2: Try this little experiment; ask someone what they think of the idea that in the next 10-50 years we might have a functional afterlife available to us. Imagine being able to visit your dead relative(s) and friends whenever you want. I have tried this a few times and the responses are comical.

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I am not convinced on all three points.

  1. I dunno… Will AI destroy us?
    What was the last big thing that would destroy us all? Nuclear war?
    What was it before that? Disease? Comets? Climate change?
    There is always something on the horizon. AI totally has the potential to turn most of us into paperclips, but as irresponsible as we might be, I tend to think we wouldn’t let it get that bad. Just my gut feeling/head in the sand impression.

  2. Mostly yeah I agree here. But we have the potential to all get along and see eye to eye. It won’t happen any time soon though! We all need to be on a level playing field, and not be divided by so much ideology. This will be the hardest nut to crack.

  3. I’m not real sure here. I think it leads to a small percentage accumulating the majority of the wealth. I wonder if money is removed from the equation, and basic necessities are free, we will be better off. I am not talking about universal basic income, I mean all power is renewable and essentially free to produce, all waste can be recycled, food is pretty easy to grow. People still need something to do though.

Yup, we need to move forward. Well there is advantage in doing so. And just because we have done something the same way for 100/1000 years, doesn’t mean we can’t throw it all out and do something better!

As for the afterlife, I have made similar comments to my nephews that they might live forever. Who knows what will happen in 50-100 years! Hopefully something better than a facebook chatbot! Imagine being born after the rise of facebook, and your entire life is in it’s database. It wouldn’t be inside your head, but it could infer a helluva lot.


I’m under the impression that @stconquest was listing those points as common examples of ‘pinhole views’ people have.

Also this is applicable

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lol yeah seems so. Maybe I should learn to read.

No, I can see how you got it wrong AND can see how it was better that you did. I, the writer, made a mistake of not making the structure clear.

I like that you essentially argued for some of my views, while thinking I was disagreeing with you. Makes things interesting.

As far as sentient A.I. is concerned: in today’s world, I get an instant image of people killing them for fun. *jolt of anger ensues

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Elon Musk + SpaceX + Hyperloop = expensive joke!

Well it’s not a joke it’s a way to distract the public from Tesla and SolarCity. Also the government and some fools think he is a genius and throw money on him so he can keep pleasing the public with his ideas.

However i would say he is as every dreamer - a fire starter. If it wasn’t for him we would be at least 50 or more years away from electric cars … now we are just about 20. We will see about his spaceX but he is making the same mistakes NASA did 30-50 years ago, so even thou he has money I don’t think it will change the things a lot.
Oh about SolarCity … well from a business which is kinda profitable he is suffering a lot of losses … and his rooftiles design even thou has fooled the iFans of Musk is an old idea which has proven itself not worthy installing on your house …

in what way did he advance electric cars?

The big issue with electric cars is batteries and there are enough technologies relying on batteries and doing research in that field as it is. dont see how he advanced the technology ~30 years

It is not exactly advance, or at least I didn’t mean to say that. He popularized them with a faster and more elegant looking car.
At the time the S model was out, on the market were a dozen hybrids and about 3 or 4 fully electric cars.
Nissan leaf and Mitsubishi …something… i can remember the best. Both were <80mile range while the first model S was like 220? I believe.
Edit: Oh didn’t saw your question how did he advanced the technology with ~30 years, well by making something for the general public to talk about and be wanted he made all main car manufacturers see that there is a market for the electric cars, so much so that in the last year there were 5 new fully electric cars announced and 2 are on the market right now.

In the next 5 years every big car manufacturer will have an electric car on the market. This is a big advancment from just Nissan and Mitsubishi and a few smaller companies that made a few city cars.

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