Spaceco monitor arm experience (dual x34's)

Hey guys! I just purchased a monitor arm from spaceco and here are my thoughts. I picked up 2 acer x34 predators and wanted to do a tiered setup. turns out you can buy from spaceco. I called spaceco and they gave me the number for a sales rep for my area. the rep gave me the number for a spore that I would be able to order it from. I used the website to build the monitor arm I wanted. at the end it will give you a model number. I ordered a Sx11gt-blk. the price wasn't as bad as the website. the monitor arm was really easy to put together and I'm glad I went with the mount grommet mount (hole in my desk). all together I am really happy with the spaceco monitor arm. It was everything I was looking for.


Pretty insane setup. Looks amazing.

How well do the monitors fit together? Is there a gap since they're curved?

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thanks man! and yes there is a gap. its not to huge so I don't mind

Glorious setup.

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thanks man!!

If you dont mind, Im gonna find you and take your awesome setup.

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How much did this end up costing?

$400 for the monitor arm