Space engineers

This game looks so cool, but I can't find much information on it. Anyone got any thoughts or coverage on it? I am thinking about buying it but want more info first.

How about the game devs website?

Well, yes I saw that, but I was hoping on some opinions from (potential) users. Especially since I read the last (similar) project from this developer didn't work out. I might just have to take a chance on this one though.

I tried it out. Building is fun, though the parts are currently a bit limited. The destruction is fairly well done, in that you can smash a ship against another, and get all bent up, sometimes even shear the other in two. However there are a few realism problems. There are no centres of mass, so you can attach thrusters anywhere, there is handwaved artificial gravity, and there is no debris after a collision. 

So all in all, it's an interesting game with lots of potential, but not that great yet.  

I came to the same conclusion and decided to buy it, installing as we speak. I am really buying this for the potential, especially if the multiplayer works well in the end and has some cool modes. Maybe a teksyndicate server? ^^