SPAAAAACE! (I need advice on PC components)

I have a plan to make a PC with two Titan Zs. Now, that works fine with a Corsair Carbide 760T, but my problem is power allocation. Not only will I have two Z(ombie)s. I will also have two Xeon E5s (using 115W at max load each) as well as a bunch of accessories, including a super-fast PCI-e SSD.I know, money. I've got that covered. I can't find a 1500W PSU in any of my stores. (I live in Sweden.) I'd probably need mroe anyway. The problem is, I can't fit two PSUs anywhere. I can't find any case that can do this and I can't build one on my own. What do I do? I need help!



what exactly are you building this PC for? A pc that needs more than 1500W seems to be a bit much. Any pc that needs more than 1000 watts usually makes no sense to build unless you need it for heavy business use to render 3D effects, and at that point I would suggest a workstation card.

So you have more then €10000+ to blow? lol

Should i take this serious or what? ☺

was thinking the same could buy a nice car with that much money.

1500? You wouldn't need 1000W >.>

Well, the thing is, I need an absolute baws that can make ALL THE GAMES! With the most mind-blowing graphics for years to come. I have no got it figured out, I'll use a 900D. Another problem has arisen, however. I plan to use three 4K monitors and I'd prefer it if they all ran at 60Hz. A Titan Z only has one DP, as well as one HDMI and two DVI-Ds. Is it possible to run monitors off the second card? Also, yes, I have the $41643.67 required for my rig. Or will have, this is more of a planning thing. I want to create the fastest PC that you can have in a normal PC case. This about does it. I will list the complete specs now. OH, for the record, my budget already includes a house, a segway, a bunch of gaming laptops and other tech, furniture etc. :3 (I'll most likely never get this, though. :( )

ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN Z 12GB PhysX (x2)
Micron RealSSD® P320h 350GB PCIe HHHL
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 1TB BK OEM
NZXT Kraken X60 All-in-One 280mm Kylare
Kingston DDR3L 1333MHz 128GB (32x4GB) (x4)
ASUS Z9PE-D16, 2xSocket-2011
Mad Catz M.O.U.S.9 - White
Akasa 120mm Röd LED Fläkt (x2)
XFX ProSeries Black Edition 1250W PSU (x2)
Corsair Obsidian 900D Big Tower Svart
Intel Xeon E5-2695 v2 (x2)
Seagate® Desktop SSHD 4TB
CM Storm QuickFire TK Keyboard Red
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro

And, as I said, three 4K monitors. Of the Asus PB287Q variety. Myeeeees!

well... there was a banker a few years ago who spent as much on bottle service... if you have money to burn, go ahead. we won't judge (ok, might judge a little).

if you want to play the latest games why not just upgrade your hardware as and when needed instead of overspending trying to future proof for games that don't exist yet. e.g. an SSD today costs a fraction of what it did 4 years ago, but it is much faster and more reliable. you can't predict what technology will be needed. i'm sure other posters here will be able to slash your by several 10s of thousands while maxing out all existing games.

as for the 4k monitors. Why not use 3-4 1080p projectors instead? you will have a much bigger image and as you'll be sitting a bit farther away the resolution that your eyes see shouldn't be that different, but it will be more immersive for you and impressive to whomever is sitting in the room with you as I'm sure you'll want to show this rig off. there are phones that are 4k, it's not impressive. projecting a game the size of your wall is impressive.

Wait so all that and just regular 1333 RAM? Surely you could go way faster, not sure how it would help as I don't do what you are going to but if you are going so big on the other components why not the RAM too. And depending on what you are doing I think you could go ECC RAM too. Again not sure why but you probably could. 

As much as an PC enthusiast I am, please don't use a budget this big. I have no idea where you think of getting the money from, but if you think you can make that much out of creating videogames, then i'm sorry to disappoint but that will likely not happen. Please, just upgrade your computer as time goes by, you'll save allot of money both in terms of hardware purchases and in terms of power.