SP120 on XIGMATEK Dark Knight II

Anyone know if i can replace the single fan on the Dark Knight II with 2 SP120s from Corsair?

That will be fine. 

Awesome, thanks!


I am using tow sp 120s on my hyper 212 evo works great.

I am hoping to get some decent boosts from switching out the one shitty fan for 2 good ones, either way its only 30 bucks, might as well give it a shot


I am running the stock fan right meow, you should post your results of any improvements. Would be appreciated, been considering the same thing. 

Will do, going to be a month or so though, i am currently in Afghanistan winning the war, should be home in a couple weeks. Planning on using some of this hard earned cash to upgrade the rig. 

Stay safe, Vijo

Thank you, we're on the home stretch!