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Hi I just got my swiftech h240-x and the nzxt h440, i want to replace all the stock fans on the case and on the rad as well, with high static pressure fans only for the front and top panel for intake. and the real fan on the case with a massive airflow for out-take. I like nuctua fans. How do i know which are airflow and which are high static pressure? Should i mount 3 of 120mm or 2 of 140mm in front? Will i only gonna be able to mount only 2 fans of 140mm since the rad is a dual 140mm or 3 of 120mm? Tell me what u guya think. Ty in advance..

That case supports either 2 140mm or 3 120mm fans in the front intake like my air 540 so it's really up to you. Lots of people have different opinions and after running both I personally prefer 3 120mm af fans as my intake 2 sp 120mm fans running push/exhaust on my rad and a a 140mm af fan running nice and quiet as exhaust as well. My case pressure is barely positive and the loudest thing in it is my gpu cooler. Fan controllers come in handy alot when your setting them, best of luck.

Ty for sharing ur ideas with me i guess ill just have to play around with this since im new at it.

No problem. Im sure some others will comment as well now that its a new day but see what works for you and while Noctua makes some of the best fans out they're not the only good fan maker out there.

You are going to have to measure with the radiator installed to see what kind of clearance you have for front fans. You may need to buy a shallower framed fan for the top location. You are going to install SP fans on all radiators and AF fans on all non radiator locations. I would do 3 120mm in the front generally have 2 140mm fans vs 3 120mm fans causes large gaps and ruins airflow pressure due to the unusable space. I use corsair AF and SP performance/quiet series fans I just can not stand how ugly noctua's fans are I would only use them in a non window case.

nzxt 440

Fan thickness shouldn't be an issue. 

Ty man

Ur pic, wat happened to it ?

I guess ill need 3 like this for the front panel. And top and real same but 140mm and like kevin said try to find a fans that fits in open space next to the rad. Am i rigjt with the fana on this link? http://pcpartpicker.com/part/noctua-case-fan-nff12industrialppc3000pwm