SoundCloud Go - A Blow to the Music Industry?

A lot of you guys know what SoundCloud is, and some of you probably actually use it, I would imagine. If, for some reason, you do not know what SoundCloud is, it's basically a place for people to share and discover music. I'm a music producer and I've used the site to share music of my own.

Now that we got that out of the way, on to the main point.

What has happened with SoundCloud within the past two weeks that has prompted me to create this thread? Why can it be considered a "blow to the music industry"?

To answer the first question, On March 29 (exactly two weeks ago) SoundCloud launched their new subscription service that they call SoundCloud Go (let me point out that their free service is still available).

Well, what exactly does this subscription service entail?

Well, if you're not an artist and only use the service to listen to music, the service gives you access to a larger catalog of music to listen to. This larger catalog of artists really only includes the big, mainstream artists, which I imagine a lot of you don't really care about anyway, so perhaps that isn't too bad (those of you who have used SoundCloud know that most of the music there comes from underground acts, which I find to be the reason the service is so popular to begin with). The service also allows to listen to tracks offline, and you get no ads. Those of you who use Spotify and/or similar services should be familiar with this model. In short, they basically adopted Spotify's model.

What does this new subscription service do for actual musicians?

Well, I find that their outline for SoundCloud Go for Creators is a bit vague, so I'll try to summarize as best as I can.

As far as new features go (from what I understand it also incorporates the features you got if you subscribed to their Pro plan that they've had in place for several years now, though I could be wrong), it gives you the option to decide whether or not the track you upload to the music-streaming service are available for offline play, which I mentioned above. It also gives you an opportunity to become an "On SoundCloud Premier artist," which is another new thing they're doing. It also "promotes" you, similar to the way Twitter and Instagram promote people.

Now, why is this so bad?

I'll admit, this whole thing doesn't seem to be terrible on paper. However, remember how I mentioned that they basically adopted Spotify's model? Well, those of you who use Spotify know they also have both a free and paid subscription service. I myself have used both, and in my opinion, they cut so many features from the free service that the service itself is really only good if you subscribe to their subscription service. Not to mention that when it comes to royalty payouts for artists, Spotify is one of the worst, as they don't pay out as much as other services. Based on this, I think that over time SoundCloud will begin to adopt more of the same policies Spotify has. Let me also point out that since last year SoundCloud has been receiving a lot of flak for letting the big record labels come in and take down tracks from artists that may have copyrighted material, even if technically no infringement has actually taken place (for example, a lot of big EDM acts will hosts remix contests, and some of them will release the stems (vocals, drums, synths, etc.) for people o use, then someone uses the one or more of the stems in a remix, the labels gets wind of it and takes the track down without any kind of notice, or anything); basically, the Content ID nonsense YouTube is plagued with.

Well, there's the rundown of what's going on with that. I actually axed my SoundCloud account today because of this. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Let me know down below.

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always ;)

Soundcloud seens to be attempting to rival Spotify or trying to breakout into the industry of music streaming in general. Their new model ain't gonna work. Given that there are many services out there right now, would it be best if Soundcloud sticks to exclusives from artists and private music producers and leave the mainstream shit to other services? I mean, by adopting to the new business model this will fall through.


Though Bandcamp is actually smoking them there, and now we have MixCloud rising to take their place. To me it seems like some act of desperation.

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The indie side of the music industry is mostly founded upon there.

You know the market for this service is going retarded when Jay-Z decides to make Tidal the most premium service ever. Hell, I think vinyl media are more premium, in terms of track and acoustics quality.

Next thing you know Kanye is gonna come out with his own music-streaming service.

It's hilarious that he implicitly admits the mistake for his release of his latest album which resulted in pirating as a last resort that time and he decided to go on a ruckus against TPB. If he is going to make his own service, then that's his attitude towards society, because market for music streaming service is going mad as hell. It even knocked out some of the competitors out of the market, mostly those services before Spoitfy existed, like Rdio and Pandora; both are not doing well coincidentally, and probably Rdio is now gone. Trying to start up your own music streaming service at this time is going to be very difficult without thinking like a dumbass.

Off-topic; Hell, Kanye would make a good presidential candidate like Donald Trump. He even tried to once IIRC.

I do recall him saying he's gonna run for president in 2020.

Back on topic, I think Bandcamp has the right with their model. They pretty much managed to cater to everyone and have it actually work out.

Meanwhile, Soundcloud is better suited for your average person making shitty mixes. But, Youtube has them as well.

Why I started liking Soundcloud after Grooveshark got fucked over by the RIAA State of America and the Levant is because it has one particular track even Youtube doesn't have in better quality. Gayfish by Kanye West of Southpark. But on a serious note, could we predict that Soundcloud could be Groveshark reincarnated?

I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

$200/month subscription

The "preview only" for unpayers is pissing me off.... time to unsub from some artists.

Is that a thing now? Didn't see that in the blog post.

you can only listen to that first bit.

God, it's worse than I initally thought.

I think SoundCloud just signed their death certificate.


yep. I lost most of my interest already.

Most of the artists I listen to I can only find on soundcloud, so if they all start doing this then they lost a fan.

I used to be able to cache playlists to play offline. Now ? I can't even cache my own stuff to play offline. It took forever to train the engine to only serve me stuff with less then 100 listens. Now i have to listen to what they choose for me. Wonder how hard it is to nuke my account. Time to go. They are going to only take your choices away from you. Another one will pop Up somewhere else. Been watching remixs of stuff just get laid waste too because someone remixed something to their taste and shared the idea with people. Yup, soundcloud is going to die as the real resource moves on to somewhere else. You can have your mainstream bullshit because it is worthless and with only kill all the good they have done till now.
We do not need another mainstream music streaming service. DOH


lol, I fired up Apple Music and that is the first thing I saw. Just to say that I'd rather be coaxed into Apple's service than Soundcloud's face-melting business model.

Just go into your settings and hit the "Delete my account" button at the bottom.

I gotta download my stuff off it first then nuke. Mixcloud was a player to me are telling me they have a site ?