Soundcard vs. Graphicscard

Hi Logan + Team


Im walking with the consideration of getting a new computer ... i have always gone with a laptop for school and portability but i want a stationary pc but my question is as a casual gamer (occasional League of Legends and bit of Counter Strike Source) Should i then go for

A normal computer with dedicated graphics and get a good soundcard later on?

but on the other hand i love good sound aswell and love electronic music and my consideration is...

Should i go for a APU with a high end sound card (currently using Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones)


Thanks in advance for your time and afford

Shoutout from Denmark ... Keep up the good work

- Jakob

For games like LoL APUs are completely fine. If you are not going to play anything much more demanding, go for sound card. 

Wat it ur budget... cus depending... u may be able to get a motherboard with a Seperated'ish Sound Card


I live in denmark but a budget would be for a i5 and around 760ish or a APU with a Xonar Essence ... :)

^^ The pricing in Denmark is much different than in the us ... :)

Hmmm. If it was me, I'd probably get neither, and save your money incase your situation changes,... The reason I say this, is, are you happy with the sound quality of your laptop at the moment? If so, then it probably isn't worth it. I'm not really a sound guy, but am I right in saying that the main benefit of sound cards vs. onboard is the addition of things like 7.1 surround and stuff, as well as features for gaming which makes it easier to hear footsteps, and directionallity?

And how is the quality of the music you listen to? If it's not that high, you might not be able to take advantage of the sound card anyway. Of course, dedicated Audio will give you a better reproduction of the sound... but whether or not that would be noticible, I'm not sure.

So... yeah. I wouldn't buy either unless your situation changes, and you are in need of one (you might want to play a demanding game which needs a better graphics card for example).


Not saying you shouldn't get a sound card btw, just thought I'd give my perspective, which you, and others may not have thought of :)