Soundcard or DAC/AMP

I've just recently bought a ModMic to go with a Beyerdynamic DT 770 for my gaming sessions. I'm going to need to buy a sound card or a DAC/AMP combo, but I'm not really sure what to go for.

I've read up on the Objective 2+ODAC which seems amazing, but if I buy that one I don't really know what could plug the mic into. Is there any soundcards that could match the Objective2 that also has a 3.5mm mic input? Or like a good mini USB->jack adapter thing for the mic on the side?

The guys at Focusrite make great audio interfaces..

That will basicly be your DAC, headphone amp and mic input all in one box.

I would go for the Objective ODAC and plug my mic directly into my motherboard. Why would you want to plug your mic into your DAC? (just curious)

The mic preamps in audio interfaces are normaly allot better than whats on your motherboard and some mics require phantom power.

Plug your headphones into to O2/Dac and plug your mic into the mobos mic port

I've been watching this lately seems like it will be a nice all in one solution

I've tried using the headphone jack on the motherboard but there's an extreme amount of disturbance on it, I'm assuming it would be the same on the mic, which is why I want to use something external.

Do you have a music player that has dac functionality? I am using a Fiio X3 and it make my music sound sexy.

Also if you need to be sure of the audio source that you have i.e. how much do you like the sound. Do you like your sound to have a sweet sounding mid-range? Do you like treble? All of these thins complement the headphone. A flat eq is fine but that is boring.

Plus last I checked you ears do not have eye's. Who knew!