SoundBlaster ZxR and Debian 11 24-Bit Depth Issue

Hey all,

I am having an issue in which, when attempting to set the bit depth and sample rate of my Creative Soundblaster ZxR, the audio device becomes non-responsive and sound output does not work.

I am setting the bit depth and sample rate in the pulse.conf file as seen here by un-commenting the default-sample-format and default-sample-rate lines:

Which does work properly with my external USB E-MU 0202 box. Running pactl list short sinks shows that without these lines the card runs at 16 bit / 48000 Hz. The card does not show up at all when running this command if the aforementioned lines are un-commented.

Any ideas for a different solution? Should I be setting this somewhere else for the Creative driver?

Setting load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0 in /etc/pulse/ allows sound output with the previously mentioned settings, however all audio is stuck repeating in half-second loops. For some reason the device is also listed as s32le 2ch 96000 despite being set as s24le in the configuration file.

As much as I love Linux, I recommend windows for music production. Alot of sound cards have special sauce in their drivers that Linux simple cannot provide because venders don’t share their special intellectual property with the open source community.

Simply put, use windows if you hate windows then use a Mac…

I was using a creative x-fi fatality to produce music on windows 7 and windows XP in the past and I could run 192 khz full duplex at 32 bit with 2.7 milliseconds asynchronous latency in asio. It sounded like magic.

Also there is so many great VST plugins you can use on the windows platform and they are mostly written in Ms visual c ++ . So my advice, unless you have a decent budget to spend on apple hardware and software…

I would use windows 7, keep it offline and only use it for music production. Get a 256 gb SSD and dedicate that drive to windows 7 and your mixes.

Also any other questions you have reguarding audio production let me know, I’ve been doing this for around 25 years as a hobby… and I know my shit.