Sound system jargon

what does it all mean? Whenver I try to get speakers or headsets I dont know whats good bad or too high or too low. What are different measurements and other things I should know when purchasing audio equipment

Play a game with surround sound capabilities. Go to level where there's good long talking scene. Turn them all down and then turn them up in proportion to the voice.

Center first. Front. Rear.

Just turn 180 around for rear.

Sub is max. Always.

In any speaker set up, surround is the best way to go. On a computer install I like to use a sound blaster audigy X-fi titanium paired to alot of channels, and alot of watts. Logitech has a few good models (ie Z5500, etc) that pushes out 550watts (split on all channels). But if you want the best audio experience possible, you'd still need an amazing card, and pair it to an external dolby surround amplifer running out to an equally as amazing speaker set up (jbl, infinity, boston acoustics, etc)

Headphones, go with the one stop shop. The bose TriPort headphones have a great frequency response range along with quality built construction. Overall, its a good call.