Sound recorder or mic?

Hi there, I was looking for a good mic to record acoustic and voice, so I was thinking about getting a Zoom H1 and use it as a mic with my computer.  I'm on my second year of university now and I usually have tons of conferences and things like that plus I do some game streamig.

My question is... should I do that or should I just buy a dedicated mic like the Blue snowball?

I can go without the sound recorder for my conferences but I could use a mic


Thanks :)

I have had allot of success with the Blue snowball. I use it at work for all my conferences and Skype calls. I have to say, I have never used it to record acoustic though. I know some of the Blue microphones do have support for audio out as well.

If a mic is more important then I would chose that (something like a Blue Snowball as noted above)

I however love my Zoom H1 for it's flexibility...I never use it as a USB mic though tbh

All you need is a smartphone and then you can have both!

Like this excellent mic (not cheap tho)

Or a dynamic mic (picking up less ambiance) by IK

I like the idea of using a dedicated audio instead of using USB. Supported natively with USB 2.0 or Driver supported. 

Have any of you guys/gals had any experience with something like the Tascam DP-008/ or Tascam DR-60 its looking like more and more I will need to have external mics. As my USB mics went down for an entire day. 

Appreciate any help 

Well I ended up purchasing the Tascam DR100 I am super excited to get it in on monday. Do you guys and gals have any recommendations on a XLR Mic. The tascam supports up to 48volts. 

I'm not sure if you're planning to record your own voice or lectures you attend to? If it's the latter, you most likely want a so called shotgun microphone. Those are sensitive to sound in front of them while cancelling out quite a bit of the off-axis sound. You would need stand for it to keep it directed unlike an omni-directional mic.

As for a spesific model, I can't really say as I've never had use for one and the one's I've seen were expensive production quality ones.

Well there is the Rode NTG-2, fantastic shotgun microphone, way better than the Video Mic Pro.