Sound Proofing my new case

Hey guys I just recieved my new case which is a Silverstone Redline RL04W, well the case has plenty of room as well as airflow capabilities. The problem that faces me is that I do not want my system to be nearly as loud as it was in my old case. In my old case it would get quite loud ramping up, I use a mismatch of various fans in my system so this could also contribute. But I want to make my system very quiet when i finally transfer the components into the new case, so I have come up with a variety of different solutions. The first solution is that I should get some noise dampening material for my case, I have seen this material in Fractal cases (which was out of my price range) and it separate on other sites. The material would help due to I don't plan on using my side panel fan mounts. Then there is my second plan, that being get rpm/power limiters like they use on noctua fans. So my question is what do you guys think about my options that i came up with, also if you guys could give me other options to look into. Also which do you guys prefer in airflow, positive or negative air pressure for the case. If you would make suggestions, please include product links with. 

here is the case:

I got the case on sale for 30USD from NCIX.

Do you know what your current temps are? If the temps are fine and your fans are all pwm controlled you might be fine with just setting up some profiles for them in SpeedFan and slowing them down. It helps quite a bit. Try this first before spending any money on stuff.