Sound from on board graphics

hi im building a mini-itx pc in the lian li tu100b with an amd 6800k cpu and an asrock FM2A88X-ITX+ motherboard. i was looking to use the pc as a sort of tv box or media centre so when i plug the rear hdmi into the tv i want sound to come from the tv speakers. if i were to go through the sound settings in control panel will i be able to set the playback to the tv speakers? also in the future i would consider upgrading to dedicated graphics and if so is there a way to do the same thing only using the graphics cards hdmi out instead of the motherboard? thanks

If you run HDMI from the back of the mobo it should automatically carry sound to it... are you having problems with it?

Ditto with the graphics card

Yeah, the HDMI audio on your motherboard and also on a graphics card will appear as another audio device, just like the on board sound card. So you can set it up in the same way you normally would and it will work fine.

thanks for the help guys really appreciate it