Sound dropping on PC

Hi all.


So I bought a new pc last month and im noticing that the sound drops out every once and a while at random moments for about two seconds, so i thought maybe my old sony amp was the problem but when i plug in another pair of speakers/ headphones, it doesnt go away.

Im thinking it could be the mobo (Z87X-UD4H)

i already tried to reinstall the drivers, but, nope...

anyone got some advice?

thanks!! :)

How does it drop exactly?  Like you hear a pop like you unplugged the headphones then it pops back?  Or is it just a blank noise?  It could be the program you are using.  Also check all your drivers, sometimes drivers overflow into each other.  For example, back in the day there was several audio chips that was built onto the dial up modems, so if you didn't install the modem driver, the audio wouldn't work.

I'm assuming based off your post lately that you cannot "brain today". We all fully understood that after the 1st post. You have dedication! :3