Sound dampening vs buying a Fractal Define R4


Recently I built a new PC (AMD FX8350 with Noctua D14 and AMD 7970 inside). The problem is that this PC is too loud.

All fans used in this build are pretty quiet (2 Nanoxia 120mm fans, one stock 200mm fan and 2 200mm Cooler Master Megaflow). PC is built in a Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene.


The question is

What is a better choice?

1) Buying some sound proofing material from a hardware store and sound dampening the current Thermaltake case.


2)Buying a Define R4 from Fractal and returning the Thermaltake case (I still have a bit of time to try that).


The time is running out (soon I will not be able to return Thermaltake case to the store), your help is really needed and appreciated.


Thank you


i'd recommend the Define r4. i'm using the case myself with Liquid cooling, 2 graphics cards, 4 hard drives, and a few extra fans, and this thing is almost ghost quiet. sound proofing a case is a bit of a pain. tried it on my old Diablotek predator (don't ever get this case), but it didn't really work too well. 

EDIT: If you want it to be as quiet as possible, don't get the r4 with the spiffy looking side window. it's cool and all, but the solid wall has dampening material on it too, so having a window instead made it a tad louder.

Thank you!

Hopefully I will be able to return the Thermaltake case. Define R4 seems like a really great option.

Ordered a white R4 without a window (windowed one looks so great, but now I definitely now that the noise level is more important for me than stylish appearance).


Thanks for the help)

I would have recommended a Cooler Master Silencio 652: cleaner looks (the fan slots at the top are covered by a piece of plastic, same with the fan slot in the side panel), better top clearance for radiators, bigger and more fans, it comes with a card reader (no fan controller though), easier access to the fan filters (the one in the front clicks in place, instead of having to tilt the bracket with the fans to slide out the filter which can be a bitch if you don't have enough slack on your fan cable, the bottom PSU filter is short, so you won't possible hit the wall when you remove it, like it can happen with the Fractal if you keep it under your desk).

EDIT: I'm not trying to downplay the Define R4, it's an absolutely great case, congratulations for your purchase!

I'm thinking about switching out my HAF 912 for the Define R4.  Such a smexy case.  I especially like the SSD mounting feature on the backside of the motherboard tray.  Be sure to come back and let us know how you like it.  :)

i'd actually be interested in knowing how DIY sound proofing would work out. Its a pretty good idea I might even try it on my own generic A-Power case. But otherwise I think most people would tell you to get the define R4. Its a well renown case for its silence and its modding capabilities.