Sound cards

I am quite new to PC gaming an am really enjoying it, however one thing i ignored when building my PC was sound card as i just thought onboard audio would be ok. However i want a better sound quality than this onboard audio is providing, by the way my motherboard is an ASUS sabertooth 990fx in case you were wondering. I am looking to buy a new sound card for inbetween £40 and £100 that is good for gaming and music in both headphones and through speakers. Any help or advice on which soundcards are best for this price range would be appreciated, thanks.

I wouldn't suggest getting a sound card. Logan recently made a video with a guy form Mayflower explaining how much of a waste sound cards are. Try plugging in your headphones/speakers to the back of the computer instead of the front. If that doesn't help then get a DAC. I honestly don't know of any good DACs for the price range, other than mayflower. So you may want to do some research on good DACs or check the mayflower DACs here

i have a msi r7950 will that give good audio quality when i plug headphones in, or better than the onboard audio, or are they both equally basic? I can't see why its pointless when I can getter a crsiper, nicer sound quality which is pretty important in gaming and music experience.

would this soundcard fit into my sabertooth 990fx motherboard? can it just fit into any pci express slot even if it leaves space at 1 side?