Sound Cards and Speakers

Note: I am currently using onboard audio from my MSI motherboard.

I'm in the market for a sound card and I wanted to know some people's suggestions for one. I can only support sounds cards that have at least a PCI x1 interface. My price range is between $60.00 - $150.00 USD.

I am currently using the Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System and I wanted to know if I should upgrade it when I purchase the sound card. My Price range for that is between $50.00 - $150.00 USD.



Current PC -


Time to tell a story:

I've been using my old iMac and my new DIY side by side for a while now. While the iMac doesn't have a soundcard, my new one got a cheap soundcard that I don't even remember the name of. I am a music fan, and I've been listening on both pcs. There is only a oh so slight to none difference between both. It really comes up to your headphones or speakers (always use headphones). As long as you got 7.1 audio on board, there should be no reason to get a soundcard. Get speakers instead.

This is just my personal opinion.


I see... But one of the main reasons I am switching is because there are certain things I do with my mouse and keyboard that react with my speakers. I have tested and researched this problem extensively and everyone said to get a Soundcard to get rid of the random noises from my speakers.

Also, I want to experience a better sound quality overall!