Sound Card question

I have this mobo:      it's the ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional AM3+ AMD 990FX.

I want so get a sound card because I have nice Sennheiser Headphones, (  and I want to use them to their potential. I will only be using headphones and the headphones have a Connector plug that is 1/4 inch (6.3mm).

What is the best VALUE sound card that supports 1/4inch headphone jack? I have an adapter that makes it 3.5mm, but I rather not have to use the adapter.


-Robo unicorn

An external soundcard is usually best, but unless you're a trained audiphile, you wont hear a difference with an adapter, ill take a look


also, sound cards with an 1/4 inch output are very rare...

Thanks. And why do you prefer an exernal soundcard? Is is attached with usb? And the adapter is bulky and a little bent, so a 1/4 inch jack is almost a nessesity

Well you usually just get more options and bang for your buck with an external one.


Edit: Well that isnt really the case in well, this case, since you're just gonna be using it for your headphones instead of using it as an interface, if you want an internal soundcard, get one from the asus Xonar series or get one of these:\

But you are right,m in this case an internal sojund card might be better.

Alright, do you have any suggestions?

Well whats your budget?

 Asus Xonar DX is awesome and inexpensive.You will have to use you adapter but for very little outlay of monies you will have mint sound quality.

Yeah anything from the Xonar line is a good pick. I would steer clear from behringer, price point is good for most of there products but fail rates are high... quality is poor as well. But there cheaper then the rest.

That really isnt true... the opinions on Behringer are divided, i've been using their products for a long time and never had any problems with them, and i like them. But other people think they're crap somehow. That is the main parts of my build with a 620w power supply. My budget is up to $100, but I rather not go over $75. Less money=better becuase I already went over budget on my system

$100 = 77 euros        $75 = 58 euros

Will I hear a difference with a  ASUS Xonar. Also, I can't find the headphone out port on most ASUS XONAR soundcards? 

It's there and you absolutely will hear a difference, onboard is terrible.

If you're going for one of the cheap Xonars get the Xonar DG (PCI slot) or the DGX (PCIe slot). It's the same card for different slots, and it has a built in headphone amplifier.