Sound card on gigabyte gtx 660?

Hello, i just saw that the gigabyte gtx 660 has a built in 7.1 sound card, is that true? and if so how do you use that sound card. as i dont have the 7.1 3,5mm out puts

I don't know why a GPU would have onboard sound. It may support 7.1 output through the HDMI, if that's possible, but I don't seen anything on Nvidia's page for the 660 mentioning onboard sound and if it does support the output I'm guessing it's just a cypher for that, not the thing processing it. 

It just outputs that via HDMI.

yeah as jman and vincibleandy have said, it just allows the audio signal to be passed through a HDMI cable to a display.

fuck so then i need to buy a sound card, dangit :C


Or you could just use onboard sound, if you're short on money.