Sound card and WiFi solution questions

I have a build allmost ready, except, there are some categories, that I'm not that familiar with - sound cards and WiFi solutions for desktop PC's. 

Here are my questions.

1.Since I haven't dealt with sound cards since 1995, I have no idea what to look for. Recently, I've been getting into composing music and up to this point everything's been fine and dandy, but now, that I want to add midi input devices, regular onboard sound devices just can't cut it. So my question is this - what sound card should I get, if I want to add a midi device such as mixer and/or midi keyboard?

2. Since the situation in my house is such, that I can get access to the internet only through WiFi, what is the best solution to go about the situation? Keeping in mind, that I would like to play games and even stream some, if possible.

Here is my setup: AMD FX8350, Asus GTX760, Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, Corsair 750W builder series PSU(most likely modular).

RAM and case are the only things, that are not finalized, but atleast 16GB of RAM will be used, since I plan to render a bunch in Blender and Compose a bunch in Propellerhead Reason.

Thank you for any advice. 

Cheers from UK.

I'm not very keen on soundcards, but as for wifi I have the asus pce-n15 and its a great wifi card.