Sound Blaster X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series

This is not a question.... More of a warning do not use this card in a PCI-E 16x slot in combination with vista. The Motherboard does not even know the card is there and so the software will not let you install without being seen by the board. I just ran into this problem and am about to return this card for another card that uses PCI instead. Im looking into ASUS or Auzentech

damn that sucks.. gl on your replacement.


Just get a normal X-fi

They're cheap and work just as well imo

If you're not getting one of those get the razer barracuda :]

I hear the [url=]HT OMEGA Claro Plus+ 7.1 [/url] is about the best card you'll find, on paper it beats out all of the X-Fi's. People on the comments section of Newegg are sounding off that they switched from an X-Fi to this one and said it was way better, especially with Vista, and even in games.

Ill look in'ta thank. Thanks "Diablo" :p

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