Soul Calibur 4

Ok so i got this yesterday for 60 bux so i was like BARGIN!!!!!!.

Its actually really good, at first i was like MORTAL KOMBAT or STREET FIGHTER or TEKKEN!!!!!!
but thats because i grew up playing those games and not this one.

Also i got it on Xbox 360 so i got yoda but i just downloaded Darth Vader!

But as i found its not a button basher game, in order to win you need to learn combos and other moves


I have it. For the PS3..
Free shipping. From GPB it would be 16-17 bucks. ;)

Yeah the game is pretty neat, and you really need to know the combo's and tricks with them, but when you get hang of it, its aaaaaall smoooooth.
Favoruite character is Yoshumitsu from Tekken.

Um its NZD so thats about 40 USD, um my fav charactor is mitsurugi, and kilik.

i wish i had played this when i was young, i want there to be a soul calibur 5 with like other new charactors in it that would be sick.

My favorite character is Siegfried. Big Ass Swords ftw!

Errr i fucking hate him when im playing online people just spam him because he has shave damage!

I saw people always playing Cervantes, especially on close maps. They can just spam his attacks easily, and always win. :/

I haven't played Soul Calibur 4 in a long time, but I might go back to it later. I don't see the point to though, since I don't have Xbox Live anymore, and no one I know has SC4. My brother won't play with me, because he rages whenever he's losing/loses.

Zalasmael is just cash on ring out levels.. Get them close to you, grab em and wave good bye..

Lol, I like him. Let's just call him Black Dude, or Guy with Scythe to be easier on typing. ^_^

I don't think they added anyone actually new to the game this time around, was kind of dissapointed at that.

Uhm yeah they did.. Well guest characters..
Darth vader, Yoda, Darth Vader's Apprentice.


Lol exactly. Nothing new to the SC series, they'll be gone by the next game anyway.