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Sorta back after moving 10km (horizontally) and 40 floors up!


Hey all -

Thought I’d wave to everyone here since I last posted (more actively) about a year ago.

Having moved to a new home (apartment) 40 odd floors up, I discovered the designers have all the fibre and CAT6 (yes, surprising!) terminated in a lovely patch panel in a utility room (near the washer and 3x outdoor Airconditioners + maid’s toilet).

It took me a while to get things going, but finally the FreeNAS box is back up and running -

The switch is bit of a waste as it’s a 150W PoE Linksys, but oh well. Been stable for about two months now, and only had 3x WD Reds die on the Synology boxes; they’ve recovered fine since, but I did have 2 drives die one at a time during rebuilds, so more may go soon. Thus is a life of spinning rust!

I’m looking to purchase 3x Unifi 16XG switches as I want to get 10G routed to my workstation —> Utility Room —> Server Rack. Since there’s no way to run any cable directly, I’ll need 3x switches.



@tsk will be pleased. Nice view from the new place !



Hey buddy welcome back

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For those curious about the fibre/TV/patch panel in the Utility room here’s a better look. You can see the blue/green Fibre termination that connects to the ISP supplied ZTE router.

The setup here is simple., ZTE —> (WAN) EdgeRouter ----> Switch -----> To each room via the patch panel. Ideally I would have preferred a cleaner install, via a wall mounted rack etc, but just never got to it (yet!).



Oh crap, it’s that guy again …


Welcome back!

That patch panel is nice to have. Sure makes things a lot easier.

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Since I’m living in Asia (and Sri Lanka of all places) I’d never expected them to do such a good job on the networking/panel etc.

Fingers crossed, I hope I can pump 10G through this!! (should be fine!)