Sort of cross-post: new build case fan & AIO control in Linux

Hi, I posted in PC builds earlier about a new machine I’m putting together primarily to run Linux, but dual-booting Windows.

My issue isn’t really the build, which I’m fine with, but my sudden realization while researching cases and AIOs - the last step before I can put it all together - that all these fancy RBG case fan + DDR header + AIO control systems all work in Windows, but I don’t know if they will operate (correctly) in Linux.

My immediate concern is cooling. Can I properly control my CPU & PC’s (& graphics card) temperatures running Linux? I have to assume the answer is yes, otherwise anyone running Linux on a modern machine would be the owner of smouldering wreckage.

But how good is the support for temperature control, particularly AIOs and case fans? What do I need to do to ensure my machine runs as cool as possible and can be monitored and controlled from the OS?

I’m a Debian aficionado, although I could, with great reluctance and much sadness, install (K)Ubuntu, Manjaro/Arch or anything else that might have more cutting-edge support for hardware. I’d probably hate myself if I can’t run Debian however.


Haha - I did the RGB/RBG typo. (I’m typing on a Mac with one of the famously crappy keyboards, so that’s the likely culprit! It has a rap sheet…)