Sophos UTM 220

Has anyone every worked with a Sophos UTM 220? I'm to set it up for a client but not sure if I need to get things from them (software manager). I've got one from the Sophos site but no install for the web management. Right now I'm just exploring it while we hear back from client to see what the need done.

Never used their physical hardware but I have played with the home version of the UTM (a while ago). You can download and use it for free (need to register). I believe it uses the same software (just some features locked down) as the hardware UTM. Might be worth installing it on a VM so your familiarized with the web interface as from memory it comes locked down a little.

Details available from:

Hope it helps.

I've looked at this option but I keep getting an error once I click accept. I'm waiting to get the license and account information (for the sophos site) from client so hopefully they have the "CD" that comes with it. If not I should be able to get it with their account or license... I think.

Question: Did you have a gui or terminal?

From memory its a terminal window for the basic install, configure networking, and then you do most of your configuration from the web GUI. Pretty similar to a Pfsense install - nothing difficult.

Edit: Did some playing around on a VM. You can download the Software UTM from:

Install is a lot of fill in the details and click next. Once its installs and network configured you go to the web gui and run a basic config. You don't need a license to use it as it includes a 30 day trial.