Soooo drones

@wendell how many/what types of drones would i need to this? how far could they get before the batterys die?

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I can tell you right now that'll cost about $10,000 to build.

This is somewhat related in hardware required and it's extremely expensive.... they needed some serious sponsors.

this sounds like a challenge to figure out a way to do it on the cheap. challenge accepted.

Define "cheap"...

At the very least you'll need about $3000 of lipo batteries to hover for about 2-5 minutes.

You may be able to cut corners on motors+drivers if you find something meant for something else that's easily attainable?

Also, do you have the source for the gif? Did he release any details of the project. I'd bet it cost him about $15k to materialize that prototype.

Also, the hammock is a terrible idea unless you know how to control the weight oscillations. Maybe with good feedback loop in software you can manage it.

That hammock might be a large stabilizing force by dropping the center of gravity notably below the upward forces from the blades. Also yes, those are going to be pricey motors, batteries, and raw plastic or aluminium for the frame. Also the blades would be hard to get your hands on one that is good for creating lift, or be really skilled to make the blades by hand. 3d printing those isn't even practical due to the shear size, that would going to be a really expensive and large 3d printer

only if it was fixed as a rigid body. When hanging by rope it becomes a pendulum.

You could always try to write software that would use alot of little drones and would have them work together. Sorta like this

Get 10-12 of these:

And hang a net between them. You'll need a small team of 10-15 people to pilot and maintain these.

about a year ago wendell talked about using a "follow the leader" script to get a team of drones to follow eachother. i figured something similar could be used here.

something like a nisan leaf battery or a tesla one. im no electrician but i probably only need a module or two not the entire 1200 pound battery.

a re-purposed motor and then cut, heat, and stamp some air craft aluminium blades. was thinking maybe a hand held grinder motor? couple horse power and 10k+ rpm.

get a basic light frame to keep the vehicle together then use a drone/s to control the thing.