Soo.. I guess I have the best cpu in 3dmark histor

Okay, so I was just checking some 3dmark scores with my new 4ghz overclock @ my i7 930
I got 21000 3dmark06 points when clocked cpu, 13-14k when not clocked (thats a raise of damn 7-8k points by just overclocking cpu).

In Vantage I got 13723

GPU Score - 11018

CPU Score - 52069

Notice the cpu score.
Now the fastest system @3dmark ORB website is an i7 980X (new 6 core).
That build got CPU SCORE; 50266

--- What the fuck.

Gotta be some kind of bug or something. x]

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I had a dream that I got a i7 955. But that doesn't exist.

Gotta be some kind of bug or something. x]

I got 99 Mbps on Speedtest one time, am I in the cool club yet?

Speedtest is retarded, if you have a decent firewall the packets all get stuck then get sent out in one big chunk and cause you to get OVER 9000! mbps.