Sony Vegas 13 i cannot render my video out?

Hi all i have a good enough spec machine for this and have never had issues before, but i am putting together a music compilation and the video is pretty GIF heavy with added effects, if the program tries on 1 part my CPU usage will just go to 0% and the program does not crash it just refuses to render it.

It is 47 minutes long, i have tried AVI.. that got the furthest, MPEG 2 which got the second furthest and MPEG 4 which stops earlier, i don't get it?

Specs? Sounds like what MovieStudio is doing when the system is not good enough in the RAM department.

AMD Phenom II x4 4.02ghz
8GB 1600mhz ram
GeForce GTX 580.
I don't even use half of my ram.

Do you have OpenCL/CUDA assist on? Sometimes that throws it of.

I can only use CUDA assist on MPEG4 encodes, and then i can choose if i use CPU only or CUDA assist, i have tried all ways and it just fails, for the record i just encoded a 60FPS supersampled video of CSGO no problem with CUDA assisted MPEG4...

Bare in mind i'm using 480P or 720P at 30FPS for the music compilation...

Have you looked at RAM usage while rendering? I have the feeling, that you are hitting the maximum.

Max i hit with Chrome open and steam is 45%.

I've ran into this problem with cough...questionable legitimacy versions of Vegas.
The problem comes from trying to display or render video at 720. Why? I don't know. I have yet to of found an answer. I've just wound up bandaging the problem by taking the source video and up-scaling it to 1080 then have Vegas render the up-scaled 1080 video in 1080p

I have no issues with actual video even up to like 1440P where GPU accel really helps in teh time line.

Here is that vid.. it rendered fine and it uses harder to process stuff like super sampling.

things that seems odd to me:
Allow source to adjust frame size.
Allow source to adjust frame rate.
try to uncheck those above

you said you're using 480P or 720P at 30FPS, then why render it to 60 fps?

and from my experince you don't need Two-pass with those bitrate, they are high enough.

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