Sony MDR-V6

I was just wondering what people thought about the headphones and how they sound and if there worth a buy to be my new daily drivers.

Simply don't.

They sound very synthetic.

ok, thanks for the feedback, I couldn't find a good review on they sounded.

This really isn't the palce to be asking audio questions. Go to an actual audio forum and read people's reviews of the headphones that you are interested in. Head-fi is a great place to start.

No it is not.

Everyone just randomly follows jude's advice. I got banned by simply saying that schiit audio sounds thin because they are so freaking in bed with them.

A good friend of mine was a mod for them and even he left because he could not stand the stupidity that exists there.

I recommend going and listening to stuff yourself. Screw peoples opinions. But some sonys from best buy, listen to them, and return them.

I have pretty much done that will everything they carry. I figure best buy has screwed me over enough that I should get to be able to properly test what I am sinking a few hundred bucks into.