Sony Digital Video Recorder GX-315

I bought this many years ago, and my techie friend it turns out had also bought one, and we also had bought the same video cam, a Sony Digital 8.

What is a “Digital 8”? It is an 8mm tape format for consumer camcorders. Using the rotating tape head that VCRs and camcorders use, it encodes the digital DV codec onto the 8mm tape in an “analog” fashion. The helical scan drum spins 2.5 times faster to do this.

This Digital 8 content is DV content as far as capture/editing is concerned. It is output in digital format via Sony’s i.Link Firewire port which can of course go to a PC, or to another device such as this GX-315 (see below)

This GX-315 can also record off of a TV broadcast so it is also like a TIVO. There is no tuner or timer though.

Here are the sales features

I “rediscoverd” this and cleaned it up. I will test it and use it to backup and facilitate editing of a lot of video tapes I have from the last few decades.

So this is a DVD recorder which takes input from video sources, now superceded by TIVO, Cable boxes, linear editing setups.


Its really amazing. Multi functional video recorder as well video editor.
How s its quality in recording video and editing video?

Recording is good for a consumer device. Have not really used it for editing, It would be clumsy and very limited compared to Adobe Premier etc.

This is from around 2005

Here are the basic setups for use

The edits you can do are very basic. You are writing a video clip/strem to disc. Once done that is pretty much it except for titles and playlists which can be erased and recreated. Pretty much write once then add some links.

Here is the manual

The uses for this are

  • Upgrading from a VCR
  • Recording from a camera or other optical disks
  • ?