Something that I found disturbing in a DEF CON video

In this video, Ken Westin, Tripwire Sr. Security Analyst, talks about his experience as a professional white hat cyber stalker. He tracks stolen gadgets using software. Naturally, I have no sympathy for people who steal expensive tech. But at 22:15 in this video, he says that in the court proceedings, his information was referred to as an "anonymous source".

Before 22:15 he talks about creating software that tracks the hardware it's installed on. He suggested to the police installing the software on a laptop and just leaving it out overnight.

I would really like to see what Logan and Wendell have to say about this, provided they have the time to look into it.

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I watched this talk, this guy's a total piece of shit.

The sixth amendment is supposed to guarantee that people have a civil right to be confronted by witnesses against them in a trial. This fucker was supposed to be present in front of the accused. Fuck this guy. Fuck everything about this guy.