Something might be wrong with my gpu HALP

Hey guys something really weird happened today when i opened my pc. I didnt have time to take a picture of it but i will describe it as best as i can. So i powered on my pc and its started flashing what looked to be like a corrupted display with random colours and flashes of light it happened for a while and i decided to force close my pc and open it again now it works fine. Should i be worried or do something? Please respond if you know what is happening...

Did you previously have it OC'd? Also what gpu? Ive really only had this issue when using custom EDID's to overclock my monitors refresh rate, or had a bad gpu OC.

when you say random colours, did they appear in solid blocks? where there also random characters? was there a pattern to these anomolies? (ie they all appeared at set intervals(gaps) was this done from a cold boot?? does your machine often get REALLY hot/loud??

Solid BLocks

No i neve OCed and i have the msi gtx 760

do they look to be the size of a character space? ie. if you write a single letter and highlight it, that would be the size.

if so, its likely a cpu issue. usually caused by overheating..
had it happen to me a few years ago, cropped up one day, then went away.. weeks after it progressively got worse..

though if those blocks are appearing in a set order, ie every 5 spaces. it could equally be memory (system or graphics)

if it isnt happening constantly, its going to be very hard to troubleshoot.. i hate intermitant issues...

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If it seems all right now id run a game or two and check your temps... Maybe your moniters drivers were updated and they failed so when you rebooted it reverted to previous or a generic driver.also as techy noted keep an eye on those CPU temps... Take the side panel off and make sure all your fans are a go from boot.

agree'd, though it may be a better idea to run benchmarks, ie run a cpu benchmark first. if that passes ok, let it cool down, then do a graphical benchmark..

Well i live in cyprus which is the middle of a heatwave and i havent clean my computer in a few months so i should get to that i suppose

Do you guys know any programms to monitor my temps?

lol, yes, yes you should... hopefully, it was just because it got hot, and no permanant damage was done..

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aida64 would do it. but bear in mind that software temp monitoring is never accurate. though it will at least you know if things are getting hotter, and at what rate..

also i think you can get windows performance manager to monitor temps.

Yep i always just use cpu-z and gpu-z

Ya if you have a $100-120 the best thing you could do for your pc (if everything turns out to be working but maybe runs a little hot.) Is dust everything off and buy an AIO cooler for the CPU, some IC Diamond for the CPU and GPU, and than if theres any money left over, an extra case fan or two... If your really on a budget you could do it for around $80 depending on the CPU socket type but id reccomend spending $100 and going double radiator. All this will help the inside of your case be much cooler and give your componets a few extra months or even years.