Something is wrong if

You have an online pass for your game

You have on disc DLC for your game

Day 1 DLC

Your game is meant for singleplayer but requires an active internet connection at all times

Your expansion of a game feels like an entirely new game and somehow kicks the original game's ass (cough Far Cry 3 cough)

You're EA

The PC port of your game sucks ass

You rely on the modding community to fix the game for you

Your game just... sucks...

Your game REALLY sucks

You've just won the worst game of (insert year) award

You ported a game built on a handheld to consoles and PC and forgot to convert everything to make things look and play the way they are intended for (Resident Evil Revelations, anyone?)

Your game is Call Of Duty

The title of your game is weird and confusing

You tried justifying plotholes to a sequel to a game (Infamous: Second Son)

You hired paid trolls to attract attention (EA and I think Capcom did this too)

Your name is Phil Fish

Your game is an Xbox One exclusive

Your game is broken on one platform and works on other platforms


you're preaching to the choir

Hallelujah mothafucka :D