Something everyone needs to hear

This is a one man band called Dust Sculptures. The artist behind the project, Josh Marbarry is a youtuber and former drum teacher on youtube and has 2 full length LPs under his belt as well as a few other tracks. The first album he released last year was a compilation of tracks he made throughout the years 2011 through 2013 and it was mostly progressive rock/metal. Now this year another full length LP has been released where a lot more heavier concepts have been pursued musically and I for one am phenomenally happy with the outcome. 

The album is titled Far Above The Pines and my favorite track as it stands right now would have to be Lies The Youngest Mountain


Far Above The Pines





Sounds great! Definitely going to check out more of him.

The mixing and mastering leaves a bit to be desired (lots of clipping in the low end during the heavy parts), but I really dig the calmer parts. I don't listen to a lot of metal that's heavy like this since it gets exhausting for me. Those calm parts are pretty magical though.


This is a pretty great effort for being one dude though. Very impressive.