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Someone recommend me a good manga to read


I'm looking for something similar to Berserk, Gantz, Claymore and ReBirth Lunatic Taker. 18+ if possible

It should be dark with some action. To be honest I don't care what the genre is as long as it's not childish.
Even romance will do but it has to real, believable. No sudden girlfriend appearance or harem bullshit.

The most important thing of all is I don't want to read anything that involves main character is who is useless pussy that is scared of everything and does things that make him uncool. MC from Freezing is a perfect example. Putting aside the fact the whole show is dog vomit, he is the worst MC i have seen to date. Even worse than Shinji Ikari.



I am not much of a manga reader but I do watch a lot of anime..
Maybe this
or this craziness I have seen the one animated episode of this it was very insane..But you can use the site in the links and they have User Recommendations..That may help you as well..
Edit: also you may want to look in this thread or others on the forum for some more assistance.. this thread was posted today..



Tokyo Ghoul. This is dark with action. The main character does start out as a bit of a wimp but it's totally understandable in context. It's about a human college student who becomes a ghoul (which have to eat human flesh to survive) against his will. The original run of this manga has finished. It had like 143 chapters or something. There's also a sequel called Tokyo Ghoul:re that's going on right now.
Picture of main character:

yes he's pulling a centipede out of his ear.

I also like Attack on Titan. This one's a little less dark but has way more action. The manga isn't finnished yet and it's monthly, so waiting for updates is a pain. This one's about humanity's fight against giant "titans."



I will check out Tokyo Ghoul but i heard that it has tons of censorship.

I have seen Attack on Titan long time ago. Just waiting for season 2.


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Thank you for showing me Ichi the Killer. That was truly the most disturbing manga I ever read.

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