Someone please help me before I have an aneurism

How on Earth do I create an ISO file from the files off of the Windows installation disk, and then put them on a bootable USB. Every video/guide I've found requires an optical drive (WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT TO BOOT FROM A USB IF I ALREADY HAVE AN OPTICAL DRIVE?!?!) or its made by someone who can't speak/write English or its spam. I'm about to lose it.



You have to have an ISO file first. Which is what I can't figure out how to do properly.

Try using the application called Alcohol 120%. It works with game disks, but not sure with OS disks. 

if you have acces to a pc with optical drive, then you can make an iso from there, you will need a program like nero or CDburnerXP (free and works in win 7)

depending on witch program you will use the steps are different but similar

in cdburnerxp open the program and select Copy or grab disk, then you select the drive with the windows cd/dvd on it

and below on Target choose Har disk, en file type use ISO (Single track), then clic the ... button and save the iso file wherever you wanted (ex; win.iso) then clic "copy disk"

it will make a iso image from the cd/dvd rom

in nero or other program is similar, just do a cd/dvd copy but instead of burning it the export has to be an iso, almost any program have that opcion

if you have problems doing the bootable usb you can use this program i use it alot

Since you already have an installation disc, Means you have legit keys.

Click on the First website link, Chose the version of windows that's on your Disc, Then download. Use this to burn the Windows ISO to a Usb device, Then install to your machine/machines. Simple.

You're missing the point. I was already at my wits end with Windows. It is a locked down, bloated piece of malware that I don't want in my home. I do not want it anymore. Now forget Windows and help me choose a powerful Linux distro. That is what I want help with now if you will, please.

Then this post you made obviously had no point since you were asking for help with windows.

My mind can't change once I've posted something on the internet?

To make an ISO, with your files, you can use CDburnerXP .

Use the create a data disk, select your files and then save it as an ISO(I think the option is under a file menu).

After you create your ISO you can then use the tool Warpig linked to create your USB disk.

This assumes you already have the installation files saved somewhere on your PC and just need to create an ISO.

As for Linux, Ubuntu is about the easiest to switch to, lots of support and packages for it.

You will need to download the ISO from the ubuntu web site, i recommend using the torrent option. The HTTP download has given me trouble in the past. 

Google and download LinuxLive USB Creator to make your Ubuntu ISO boot from a usb drive.

LinuxLive USB Creator will work for any other Distro you may end up choosing.

Sure it can, but a little gratitude for someone who just told you exactly how to do what you wanted to do might be a good idea.  He literally answered your question to a T, 2 hours after you asked it.  Told you where to download a legit Windows ISO and linked you to the utility that will create a bootable USB drive with that ISO.

As for Linux, if you don't have any experience with it, you might want to look at something like Ubuntu or one of it's derivatives/contemporaries (Lubuntu for example).  They are relatively simple to use and somewhat familiar for someone coming over from Windows.  Good luck.

I already did exactly what he told me to before I even created this thread and I got an error message with the Microsoft tool.

Best way to get an iso onto a USB is with dd.

What exactly is the problem you're having, the online documentation of just about any linux distro has information on how to write an iso to USB and optical disc.

You don't need windows to make a live linux distro, you can use minimal bootup tools that are secure and easy to use. You can even download what you need to get started with your phone if you want, you need surprisingly little.

If you can't even do that, you can probably still network boot to get linux on your computer, without any install medium.


I was having trouble getting my win7 installation files into iso format, so I said fuck it. As we speak I'm running DBAN on all of my systems, putting ZorinOS on my laptops and Ubuntu on my Desktop. I may try Manjaro on my desktop as well.

Then either your ISO got corrupted during download(IE is known to cause this) Or You simply did something wrong. I re-install Windows 7 Home Premium  every 3 months on my machines, And ive been doing that for years And ive never had any issues with burning a  windows 7  iso with that tool. to create the ISO file. to write the ISO to a bootable flash drive.