[someone]: online Level1techs LAN party?

[someone] (and anyone else),

with most of us having a little extra free time over the break, would you maybe be interested in setting up an official Level1techs christmas party lan gaming hanging out type thing? We could either do it using only the official Level1techs game servers, or we could maybe use OpenVPN to set up a true LAN that everyone is on? We could all hang out on a TeamSpeak server and play games and talk, maybe even do an informal Level1techs News episode just on the voice server.

Would you guys consider doing something like this?

Sounds legit

We should do a TS real life lan party!!

I'm all for that too, just thought this would be a little easier than having people physically come somewhere :P plus you can have everyone from Europe and Australia and such join in the fun

I'd be down to get to know all your forum peeps a bit better. And maybe if I'm lucky splatter someones brains all over the wall - the video game walls that is. =)

True! It's a very good idea. I would attend either way! I would definitely be down for a TS real life lan party, they are very very close to me.

I agree. Too many logistics involved with a real LAN party. But online works. =) Although one day a real one would be nice.

Threats threats! jk <3

Shhhhh, the NSA might hear you! They'll send the department of homeland stupidity to kick down your door, and then tax you when you have to buy a new door!

Maybe we better move this conversation to an encrypted private communications system so Comcast and Time Warner don't decide to throttle the LAN party or inject some ads :P

Anyway, small change of plans, I suppose we would use Mumble since its totally free vs TeamSpeak which needs a license. I can host a Half Life 2 DM server during this as long as nobody decides to DDoS me, looking at you script kiddies!


Oooooh maybe we can get Private Internet Access to host the P2P VPN network? They have more bandwidth than most of us so it would be, oh, about 100x more stable, plus we could have banners on the servers for one of their giveaways they frequently do with Logan.

If anyone from private internet access reads this, pretend we have a picture of Uncle Sam that reads "We want YOU to host the TekSyndicate OpenVPN gaming network!"

If you can find someone willing to share a non profit key for TS you can get 512 slots then your issue is bandwidth and the power of the host.

It's more like running around in circles shooting the wall screaming like a child. =)

How much bandwidth would a 100 person TeamSpeak server need approximately? Would it be better to use Hangouts or Skype or something? I know those aren't as secure but if the NSA is stealing data from our LAN party they're REALLY bored :P

I could host a server, I have plenty of bandwidth and a few computers I could dedicate to it.

Would be cool, although I doubt anyone wants to play loads of TF2 with me lol.

Im up for it. Maybe set up the event in the Tek Syndicate steam group? (maybe remind people that there is a steam group? lol)

It will be a nice break from playing skyrim/oblivion/dark souls/fallout 3 over the break

Oh yeah I totally forgot there's a Steam group XD how would I go about setting up the event? Just contact Logan and tell him, or is there something I have to do?

I can host stuff, TS, games, whatever you guys need. Source games are quite simple to host, and most everything else can run on steam (which is running on my servers). Let me know what you need.

What spec systems do you have, I have dedis that I can use.