Someone I live with is worried about windows 10

I have a person I live with and he is worried that Microsoft may be trying to pull on on us with windows 10. He linked to am article from Forbes, and a conspiracy theory style YouTube video.

The Forbes Article talks about having to pay for updates in 2 years for Home users, and 4 for Pro users. Updates will also be forced on the user.

The YouTube Video is VERY Tin Foil Hat material. This is still something to worry about, but is kinda funny to listen to.

He also stated things like there is a key logger built in he did not link to this.

My thoughts are that they could do this, but they would receive a lot of backlash for this. Since it looks like Cortana uses Microsoft servers to function properly.

Your friend is right to be worried AFAIK Windows 10 itself won't have a key logger. I believe I read something about your wifi password being automatically uploaded to Facebook when you log in. Not sure about subscriptions but I think someone analyzed this a while back stating it wouldn't work with Windows as a Service.

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Huh. I thought it was restricted to pro users.

Why does it even exist? What is the purpose of Facebook having my wifi password?

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concerns are true, with updates windows 10 might just fff us all... lets say updating gui or something ... because its shipped as service - it can change without your consent, and you'll have to accept new eula if they present/change it after.

That's weird as hell...
But besides that I think all of this drama and fear is ridiculous. There are issues but they are being blown out of proportion.


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From Forbes so take it with a grain of salt but...

Disabling Wi-Fi Sense
If you do not want to have Wi-Fi Sense enabled for your Windows 10 device, you can disable it within the settings. Click on the Start menu and hit “Settings.” Then click on “Wi-Fi” under “Network & Internet.” Under “Manage Wi-Fi Settings,” you will see options to connect to suggested open hotspots and connect to networks shared by your contacts. You can also select which networks that you want to share your password with, including Outlook, Skype and Facebook contacts. To completely disable Wi-Fi Sense, make sure to disable all of those options.

Opting your Wi-Fi network out of Wi-Fi Sense is a bit more challenging. If you do not want Wi-Fi Sense to use your Wi-Fi network, you will need to include “_optout” in the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) by logging into your router settings. For example, if your Wi-Fi network name is “Home,” then it should be renamed to

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Doesn't matter. it isn't just Facebook. Outlook and Skype contacts as well.

The smart thing to do is hold off on the upgrade for a little while. See what gets broken and see what gets fixed. Determine if anything is going to effect you at all. Then make the upgrade.

Then your friend can just move to linux if MS pulls that kind of BS. I know I will be.

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